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WELCOME to BrittCrosbyPhotos.com.

I have enjoyed photography since I was a kid.  I have used a variety of cameras over the years.  For the past dozen years or so I have been exploring the magic and power of digital photography.  I love it!

By profession, I was a Firefighter-Paramedic and much of my photography has been focused on documenting the history of fire rescue apparatus, stations, fires and incidents, training, special events, and of course the awesome people who I respect so much. For more, check out my other website CapeCodFD.com.

Since about 2003 I have also been the official Figawi Photographer. The Figawi Charities holds the amazing FIGAWI BALL in May followed by the FIGAWI RACE WEEKEND Memorial Day weekend.  Both events are full of action, great people, boats, music, and fun. My job is to capture the spirit of both in pictures! I hope you enjoy and continue to support the Figawi charities.

So welcome aboard.  Check out the images.  Let me know if there is anything you need.  As always, be safe and enjoy the journey!


Some of My Work

What's New

The 2016 FIGAWI BALL and 2016 FIGAWI RACE WEEKEND PHOTOS have been POSTED as of June 17, 2016!  ENJOY THE FUN!

Photos as shown are in original format for display purposes.  When ordered, each will be reviewed and edited for color correction, fixing red eyes, cropping, etc... to give you the perfect picture!